Young European Truck Driver

Missed out on the YETD final? Watch it here

More than 23,000 truck drivers from across Europe took part in Young European Truck Driver 2014/2015. Watch the whole final again at

“We are red, we are white, we are Danish dynamite”

Danish supporters explain why Lars Søndergård won the 2015 YETD title.

Happy Danish couple Mia Magnussen and Lars Sondergaard celebrates his victory.

“My guy is so cool!”

Mia Magnussen, girlfriend to newly crowned YETD Champion, couldn’t believe her eyes when her Danish driver-boyfriend Lars Søndergård finished as number 1 in the YETD final.


And the winner is… Lars Søndergård from Denmark

Lars Søndergård from Denmark has kept his head cool throughout the day and earned the title of best Young European Truck Driver 2014/2015.

What the winner needs to master

To win the Young European Truck Driver final, the drivers need to excel in the Super Z event. It may look easy, but in practice it has proved to be a real challenge.

In search of their worthy recipients

Top three shoot-out

It’s been a hard day’s work for the YETD finalists. Now, three drivers are about to compete against each other in the Super Z event to win a brand new Scania truck of their choice.