“This is an unforgettable moment for me,” says Pablo Ríos

3,281 kilometres to the European final

Pablo Ríos, driving for a transport company in Alicante, Spain, managed to manoeuvre his truck all the way to the European YETD final, which will take place next April.

Scania’s travelling show

Eight tonnes of competition material is touring around Europe with one objective – to provide support to the 26 countries taking part in the Young European Truck Driver (YETD) competition.

Joel Valente

Sweet victory for a well-trained driver

Close to 1,000 spectators and fans watched on as Joel Valente won a place at the top of the winners’ podium at the Young European Truck Driver final in Portugal. Among the crowd were representatives from a number of transport companies, who took the chance to test drive Scania trucks.

Greek winner Tabouvatzis Vasilis with Pavlos Kokkinidis (2nd) and Aristidis Aggelopoulos (3rd).

Two-time winner

Tabouvatzis Vasilis has successfully defended his champion’s title in the Greek national final of Scania’s Young European Truck Driver competition.

Thomas Prin used the vehicle in an intelligent way, allowing it to roll over the hill crests on the demanding test circuit.

Vive la fuel economy!

Efficient driving and conserving fuel were a priority when the French finalist for YETD 2014 was chosen in southern France.


Theory first, then practical skills

At first glance, the Young European Truck Driver competition might seem to be all about skilful truck driving. However, equally important to winning the competition is having theoretical knowledge on issues as diverse as tyre safety, reacting to an emergency and current laws. At the end of the day, the best truck drivers truly are those who can handle more than just the truck.