Sustainable transport

From left: Anna Ryott, CEO, Swedfund; Nitin Gadkari, Transport Minister, India; Anna Johansson, Minister for Infrastructure, Sweden; Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO, Scania.

Scania and Swedfund to develop Indian biogas

Scania and Swedfund, the Swedish state’s development financier, are establishing a partnership to develop biogas production for use as an automotive fuel in the Indian city of Nagpur.

In emerging markets like Brazil as well as in mature European markets, there are increasingly strict demands for efficiency in logistics systems. This means that heavy haulage is becoming more important.

Heavier and more efficient

Demand for heavy trucks is increasing while the need for medium-duty haulage is decreasing. This is a global trend but differs in speed and intensity between mature and emerging markets, explains Carl Holmquist, Automotive Analyst at Rementum Research.

Scania biodiesel trucks help Coop pursue environmental goals

Swiss supermarket chain Coop is taking delivery of more than 50 Scania biodiesel trucks as part of an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2023. The chain says the move has nothing to do with cultivating a green image and everything to with efficiency and making a difference in the world.

Ecolution by Scania: Major savings for a small fleet

Miroslav Bouska got an offer that he found hard to believe – but that he couldn’t say no to. Today his small haulage company in Prague saves EUR 100,000 per year in fuel costs.

Scania ethanol bus – a boost for Indian farmers

Scania ethanol bus – a boost for Indian farmers

Scania has handed over India’s first ever ethanol-powered bus in a ceremony in the city of Napur. The arrival of the bus, which will now undergo trials, is considered a major environmental and economic breakthrough by local authorities.

Smart city

Scania Reflects: Smart city

By 2030, over 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Effective and sustainable transport systems are vital for a growing city to stay attractive and competitive. Scania maintains that a holistic view is essential to manage the transport of people, goods and waste within each region.