Sustainable transport

Ecolution by Scania: Major savings for a small fleet

Miroslav Bouska got an offer that he found hard to believe – but that he couldn’t say no to. Today his small haulage company in Prague saves EUR 100,000 per year in fuel costs.

Scania ethanol bus – a boost for Indian farmers

Scania ethanol bus – a boost for Indian farmers

Scania has handed over India’s first ever ethanol-powered bus in a ceremony in the city of Napur. The arrival of the bus, which will now undergo trials, is considered a major environmental and economic breakthrough by local authorities.

Smart city

Scania Reflects: Smart city

By 2030, over 60 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Effective and sustainable transport systems are vital for a growing city to stay attractive and competitive. Scania maintains that a holistic view is essential to manage the transport of people, goods and waste within each region.

Ecolution by Scania. Scania R 470 Highline,truck and trailer.

Scania Reflects: How we’ll increase our future competitiveness

Sustainability in all its aspects – environmental, social and economic – is central to Scania’s future competitiveness. Our business model of maximising revenues and minimising costs for our customers syncs with society’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Scania R 490 Euro 6 6x2 rear-steer refrigerated box body and trailer.

Scania Reflects: The road towards sustainable transport

Through research and development, Scania is striving to contribute to long-term, sustainable transport systems, both globally and locally.

Scania Streamline

Sustainability − an important aspect of Scania’s business strategy

Launched today, Scania’s 2013 online sustainability report highlights the importance sustainability has for the company’s long-term business success. Scania’s stated goal is to be the leader in sustainable transport solutions.