Scania R-series

The Griffin and the Raging Bull

In European sports car racing, two of the engine world’s strongest brands are working together. Scania’s V8 trucks ensure that Lamborghini’s race cars are safely transported between the continent’s legendary tracks.

Scania V8 in Austrian road movie

Two new Scania R-series tractor units will appear in the Austrian road movie “Black, Brown, White”.

Scania facilitates emergency services

If an accident occurs with a Scania vehicle involved, rescue teams can do a better job using a new information booklet.

Chassi production

Young European Truck Driver: A prize is born 1

The winner of the Young European Truck Driver competition gets a brand new Scania R-series truck. During the final, visitors will be invited to tour Scania’s workshops. For those who cannot attend, this is how the first prize is born.

Scania depicted on Malaysian stamps

TNT’s Asian Road Network, ARN, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. To highlight this, TNT and the Malaysian Post Office have issued a stamp depicting a Scania R-series truck in TNT livery.

Winner of Nordic Trophy 2010 – it’s all in the details

“Gunfighter” is the name of the best custom truck in the Nordic countries. The winner of Nordic Trophy 2010, Mika Auvinen from Finland, based his awesome truck on a Scania R 620.