A cool winner in long johns
    Scania ahead of the time
    Bold and beautiful
    Saving lives at sea
    Scania launches new gas bus for bus systems
    “Scania is healthier than ever”
    New Scania R 730 V8 completes the Euro 6 range
    Scania R 730 6x6 heavy-haulage tractor (JP) GCW up to 250 tonnes on the road in Japan.

    Scania’s Top Team is more international than ever

    More than 8,000 service technicians in 62 countries around the globe are taking part in Scania’s biannual Top Team initiative which aims to develop service skills in competition-like situations. This year, eight new markets have joined the list of participating countries.

    The vehicles come with high-pressure fuel injection and SCR – an exhaust gas after treatment system with modern filter technology.

    Scania buses make their Berlin debut

    Scania Citywide buses are being used on the streets of Berlin for the first time. The vehicles are part of an extensive fleet owned by Germany’s largest public transport company.

    Scania Driver Competitions promote road safety.

    Road safety high on the agenda

    Skilled drivers are the single-most important asset we have for improving road safety. Scania Driver Competitions is one way of improving skills and advanced driver-support systems are another.

    Scania R 500 6x4 Streamline with Highline cab, live stock trailer near Goliatskraal, South Africa.

    Extreme conditions require extremely developed skills

    Poor road conditions, long distances between service centres and a confusing array of languages are just a few of the challenges faced by drivers working in Southern Africa. Here, Lisias Asino, the Namibian national winner of the Scania Driver of the Year competition, explains the driver skills needed in this demanding part of the world.

    “Never stop continuing to learn and develop”, is Michele Sandri´s advise to colleague drivers competing in YETD.

    The first winner – never stop learning

    Eleven years after winning the first Scania Young European Truck Driver Competition, Michele Sandri still drives trucks as safely and fuel efficiently as possible.

    TNT will operate its five newly delivered Scania P 450 prime movers in and around the city of Melbourne.

    Scania delivers Australia’s first Euro 6 fleet

    Transport operator TNT Australia has taken delivery of Australia’s first fleet of Euro 6 emission-compliant trucks, supplied by Scania.