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    Record turn-out for driver competitions
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    Making a change for women
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    Strong reputation aids firefighters in Fiji
    The Slovenian winner Matej Ohojak.

    Narrow roads help Slovenian YETD winner achieve perfection

    Driving his truck through narrow streets in Italy and Slovenia was just the training Matej Ohojak needed to excel at Scania Driver Competitions. The 29-year-old was recently crowned Slovenia’s Young Truck Driver of the Year.

    Scania's Top Team spans from electrical fault finding to mechanical work.

    Keeping tourist buses and fire trucks rolling

    Scania service technicians and parts experts keep all kinds of vehicles on the road. The first two grand finalists for this year’s Top Team competition have shown their commitment to helping out tourists and emergency service staff.


    A fire truck in Antarctica

    Having journeyed 15,000 kilometres over the ocean and then another 250 kilometres over Antactica’s kilometre-thick glacial ice by sledge, the world’s most southerly Scania fire truck has arrived at its new home.

    Atlas Copco’s Y35 portable air compressor utilises a 478 kW (650 hp) 16-litre V8 industrial engine that adheres to Stage IV/Tier 4f emission standards.
The new compressor is able to refill the drill stem more quickly, allowing for a faster start to drilling.

    Deep cooperation

    Launched in January 2015, Atlas Copco’s new Y35 portable air compressor has an efficient and powerful Scania engine at its heart. As well as meeting the strictest emission standards, the compressor offers improved fuel efficiency.

    Record turn-out for driver competitions

    More than 100,000 drivers from all over the world have been registered in this round of Scania Driver Competitions. That is a new record for the competition.

    A future driving environment

    What is the future of truck driving? In a Scania-led research project students at the Umeå Institute of Design were challenged to look ahead. This video shows their vision.