Scania South Africa recognised for HIV prevention work
    Education key to a brighter future
    The factory built on equality
    50 years of Scania in China  – unlikely deal spawns long-term commitment
    Back to basics in India
    Missed out on the YETD final? Watch it here
    And the winner is… Lars Søndergård from Denmark
    “We make full use of Scania’s modular system to produce vehicles that match the very specific needs of the Indian market”, says Örjan Rasmusson, R & D Manager in India, here in a typical Indian truck stop.

    Back to basics in India

    One of Scania’s key requirements for establishing itself on the Indian market was having a dedicated research and development unit on the ground. Today, Scania’s R&D team in Bangalore has a wide focus and is looking for opportunities in all emerging markets.

Side mirror Aluminium, steering wheel Polyurethane with an aluminium core. 
Future coachwork/cab Composite materials with carbon fibre. Future seats Composite material, moulded into a single unit.
Future load-bearing frame in cab High strength steel carbon fibre.
Muffler Rust resistant steel.
Future cross- and side beams steel with additional integrated features, such as a built-in fuel tank
Future wheels/rims Carbon fibre
Fuel tank Aluminium, steel (for some demanding applications such as mining and construction)
Gearbox Higher strength steel. Good for 1 million km, weighs 320 kg
Engine block Grey iron/CGI
Sump Glass-fibre reinforced plastic
Under-run protection High strength steel (thin, minimizes weight)
Bumper bar Polymer material
Trim Polymer materials, moulded into one piece
Future windscreen Glass with built-in functionality that allows it to act as a display screen

    The evolution of truck materials

    From steel to polymer and from bakelite to polyurethane, the materials used in trucks have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, with exciting changes ahead.

    Missed out on the YETD final? Watch it here

    More than 23,000 truck drivers from across Europe took part in Young European Truck Driver 2014/2015. Watch the whole final again at

    Valuable input from Facebook. Scania’s developers has found a new channel to get comments from drivers when developing new functions and details  for the cabs.

    Straight from the driver’s mouth

    Facebook has provided Scania’s cab developers with a direct line to drivers – right across the planet. The viewpoints collected are considered a valuable source of information and are used by Scania’s R&D division in developing new functions and details for the cabs.

    The purpose of the seminar was to outline a Swedish and a European perspective on how to make the shift towards more sustainable transport systems that involves stakeholders in business and politics.

    Sustainability is the new premium

    How do we make the shift towards more sustainable transport systems? At a future-oriented seminar arranged by Scania, politicians and business people discussed this increasingly crucial issue.

    Johanna Vännström and Jeffrey Joslin.

    A look into the future

    With instant information projected directly onto the windshield in a new prototype simulator, Scania’s developers look at how the future driver environment should look like.