Scania in the Indian Premier League limelight
    A century of service
    Sustainability − an important aspect of Scania’s business strategy
    Euro 6 – the challenge was to win
    Blue Stream – cheating wind the Scania way
    New Scania R 730 V8 completes the Euro 6 range
    Scania launches Scania Streamline
    Ecolution by Scania. Scania R 470 Highline,truck and trailer.

    Scania Reflects: How we’ll increase our future competitiveness

    Sustainability in all its aspects – environmental, social and economic – is central to Scania’s future competitiveness. Our business model of maximising revenues and minimising costs for our customers syncs with society’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    YETD 2014 Final Spain

    Road safety – a matter of competitiveness

    A recent study about road safety in Spain shows that poor cargo securing is one of the most common causes for accidents involving heavy vehicles. The cargo securing part of the Spanish YETD national final was therefore of particular interest.

    “This is an unforgettable moment for me,” says Pablo Ríos

    3,281 kilometres to the European final

    Pablo Ríos, driving for a transport company in Alicante, Spain, managed to manoeuvre his truck all the way to the European YETD final, which will take place next April.

    Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is one of twelve stadiums hosting the World Cup 2014.

    Energy-filled arenas guaranteed

    Energy company A Geradora is providing electrical power for four World Cup arenas, providing a smooth-running power supply with help from Scania.

    Scania Streamline was launched in 2013 and has been a huge success on the market. Personified by innovative technology, Scania's continuous objective is to offer sustainable solutions in the form of the market's most fuel-efficient trucks and buses.

    Scania at IAA: Focusing on sustainability and services that benefit the customer

    At IAA, Scania will be presenting news in the form of products and services that contribute directly to improving bus and truck customers’ profitability. Besides additional Euro 6 engines, Scania will also be introducing a range of new items aimed at reducing either the customers’ operating costs or their environmental footprint – goals that often go hand in hand. Scania’s latest innovations can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption in long-haulage vehicles. And when it comes to buses, Scania Citywide will present its own hybrid technology.  

    Major environmental benefits of longer truck combinations

    Major environmental benefits of longer truck combinations

    By driving with two full-length trailers, Scania reduces fuel consumption by up to 30 percent with an equivalent reduction in harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Following Scania’s request, the Swedish Transport Agency has now granted permission to operate rigs of 31.5 metres in total length between Södertälje and Helsingborg in Sweden.