Scania USA HR-412

Most fuel-efficient towing on the Mississippi

Barge company Chem Carriers operates the first Mississippi River push boat to use Scania engines. The two engines have helped the US company significantly reduce fuel consumption while also providing additional power for its transportation services.

A 400 kVA genset made by generator-manufacturer Cipriani Srl has been hard at work in the offices of Italian radio-station Radio Deejay for several months.

Scania’s role in Italian radio broadcasts

A reliable Scania engine is helping to keep things running smoothly in an environment where noise levels are critical.


The power of entertainment

Sport, music, news – wherever there’s an outside broadcast, there’s a good chance Film & TV Services will be there too.

Scania's Stage IIIB/Tier 4i compliant 16-litre V8 industrial engine with SCR.

Scania offers adapted Tier 4i engines for markets without ultra-low sulphur diesel

Scania’s Tier 4i industrial engines can now be adapted to run in regions outside Europe and North America in which ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) is not available. This versatility will allow the engines to run on diesels containing far more sulphur than ULSD.

Scania 13-litre 450/490 hp Euro 6 engine with EGR and SCR.

Scania adds 13-litre biodiesel engines to its Euro 6 range

Scania is introducing two Euro 6-certified, 13-litre truck engines that can run on any diesel blend, right up to 100 percent biodiesel (EN 14214). The versions certified for biodiesel operation are the mo­dular, six-cylinder, 13-litre 450 and 490 hp engines.

Panama-based TESA is very pleased with the performance of the Scania engines.

When trust is everything

Panama-based shipping and marine supplier TESA has become a strong advocate for Scania engines after experiencing their strength and reliability first hand.