Share footage of a challenging truck driving situation – You could win a Scania belt

What are your everyday challenges as a truck driver? Document a challenging situation in a photo or video and share it on our Facebook fanpage. You might be the winner of a Scania belt!

Upload a photo or video on our Facebook fanpage

The Scania driver competitions celebrate skilled truck drivers who drive carefully in tough situations. Upload you photos, videos and/or stories on Facebook at

Get a chance to win a Scania belt – every week!

Get your family and friends to “like” your uploads on Facebook . The contestant with most “likes” on his/her shared picture or video wins a Scania belt. The winner will be announced every Friday at The first winner will be annonced on Friday, 24 February.

Inge Råheim has shared one of his most challenging everyday situations. Here he is transporting milk from farms to dairies. Support him by “Liking” his photo on Facebook!

Scania values road safety

One of the many important goals of the Scania Driver Competitions is to promote road safety. A good driver is a safe driver, one who drives at the speed limit, always uses the seatbelt, loads cargo securely and plans the drive carefully.

When filming footage showing your daily challenges, we’d like to remind you do so safely. Ask a colleague to shoot or film you while driving, or, if possible, use a camera that’s mounted inside your cab to capture the challenging tasks of everyday truck driving.

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