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The winning team from Austria has practiced three evenings a week after work over the last month.

Top Team: Close cooperation key to success

Austria and Latvia pulled away from their opponents in the latest Scania Top Team European regional final in Scania Top Team. Good team spirit paved the way for victory.

Peter Röder says he performed better on Danish and Swedish roads than on dense German motorways.

Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel: Mission accomplished 3

The challenge is over. TSL driver Peter Röder was appointed the winner after two days on the road with a Scania R 480 Euro 6 truck. He completed the competition with an average fuel consumption of 25.4 litres/100 km covering a distance of 1,350 kilometres.

Senay Tekeli, physiotherapist at Scania Zwolle, is impressed by the service technician's strong commitment in Top Team.

Top Team: Physical activity a success factor

At the Top Team regional finals, members of Scania’s Health Work Environment department are present to offer advice to service technicians. Senay Tekeli, physiotherapist at Scania Zwolle, what have you been discussing with the participants?

Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel: Follow the challenge, day 2 1

At 02:00 this morning the two contenders in Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel, Peter Röder and Hanna Fange, began their journey from Vordingborg, Denmark towards the finish in Södertälje, Sweden. Röder is in the lead after the first day. Can Fange catch up?

Hanna Fange and Peter Röder in Vordingborg, Denmark after day 1 of Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel.

Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel: Day 1 summary

The first day of the Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel is over. Peter Röder is in the lead with 28.5 l/100 km. Hanna Fange is, however, not far behind with 28.6 l/100 km. Here are their views on the challenge.

Scania Fuel Efficiency Duel: Follow the challenge, day 1 4

Scania’s Transport Laboratory and the German transport company TSL have challenged each other: who can save the most fuel while transporting commercial cargo? Follow the duel here. The data will be continously updated as long as the challenge is on-going.