Peter Royter and his Scania truck retire gracefully
    Testing the excavator of tomorrow
    “I can’t imagine working without Ecolution”
    Scania expands its offering in Japan
    HVO part of Scania’s approach to reducing emissions
    Scania South Africa recognised for HIV prevention work
    Education key to a brighter future
    Interest is increasing for liquefied natural gas, LNG, as an affordable and environmentally friendly fuel. Scania has now launched Euro 6 trucks powered by LNG .

    It’s a liquefied gas!

    In 2014, Scania launched the first Euro 6 trucks powered by liquefied natural gas. Interest has been strong around the world, and Scania is now starting to sell the vehicles in the Netherlands.

    After 50 years on the road, Peter Royter has more time to spend with his family.

    Peter Royter and his Scania truck retire gracefully

    With 5.3 million kilometres on the clock Peter Royter and his impressive 1989-year model Scania 113M have both gracefully retired after a full life on the road. Royter is back at his home in Buff Point, 110 kilometres north of Sydney. Meanwhile, the veteran Scania truck has been awarded a prominent place at National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

    With increased power, Woo easily shifts around 250,000 tonnes daily with the 380 hp (283 kW) engine returning to its 1800 r/min in less than a second under load. “This machine lets me utilise all its engine power.”

    Testing the excavator of tomorrow

    Trials by global construction equipment giant Doosan in the mountains of South Korea’s South Chungcheong province are aimed at producing a reliable excavator that meets the toughest emissions standards. Scania is playing a key role.

    Both Scania engines on the Thalassa Star operate 500 hours during the five-month season. Careful maintenance ensures that they perform faultlessly when needed.

    Scania ensures uptime in summertime

    As the European tourist season peaks in August, operators in the industry have no margin for error. Downtime is simply out of the question. That is precisely why the Corsican excursion boat operator Thalassa Croisières relies on Scania’s engines.

    One of the most challenging projects for Johan and his team included a helicopter delivery of a replacement Scania-powered genset on top of South Africa's Table Mountain.

    ”We power anything from vineyards to mines”

    A cable car system, a vineyard and a diamond vessel. Sometimes they need extra power to do their job. Our engine calendar profile, Johan Louw and his team make sure that Sub-Saharan Africa’s got the power.

    “We’ve made significant savings thanks to the Ecolution tools,” says Eduard Šneidar, director of transport at HOPI s.r.o.

    “I can’t imagine working without Ecolution”

    What can a Native American tribe and one of Central Europe’s largest logistic companies possibly have in common? Well, more than the name, it seems.