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    A safe ride through South Africa
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    Philip Cheruiyot is the Sales Manager at Scania East Africa in Mombasa.

    Scania’s man in Mombasa

    Phillip Cheruiyot is one of Scania’s many experts around the world. As a sales manager in Mombasa he has a key role in Scania East Africa’s growth plans.

    Hezzy Maina is a pioneer in driver training in East Africa and heads the Scania East Africa Training School.

    The “Teacher” makes East Africa safer

    Hezzy Maina knows all the Scania drivers in Kenya. For them he is “Mwalimu”, “the Teacher”, in Swahili.

    Ett 40-tons trailerekipage med Scanias raka, 13-liters sexa på 410 hästkrafter och Euro 6 kan, i teorin, komma bortåt 370 mil på dieselbränslet i en enda 900-liters aluminiumtank som den på bilden.

    Euro 6 – the challenge was to win

    For a number of years, the trucking industry has struggled to fulfil the exacting emission legislation that came into force at the end of last year. Scania is the manufacturer that has been able to present competitive solutions sooner and better than anyone else. Scania now offers its customers no less than 18 Euro 6 engines for all types of applications – and is setting international records in low fuel consumption with their latest Euro 6 diesel engine.

    “Northern and central Europe look stronger than southern Europe,” says Bengt Thorsson, Executive Regional Director, European Region at Scania.

     “Europe will rebound”

    The European market has started a little better than expected. There were concerns before 2014 about how demand would be affected by last year’s pre-buys of Euro 5 trucks, but the pre-buy effect was shorter than feared. “We are now seeing a gradual return to more ‘normal’ levels of demand,” says Bengt Thorsson, Executive Regional Director, European Region at Scania.

    Scania Interim Report, January–March 2014

    Scania Interim Report, January–March 2014

    Scania’s earnings for the first quarter amounted to SEK 2,257 m. Both vehicle and service volume increased, which was partly offset by weaker emerging markets currencies. Total order bookings for trucks during the first quarter were higher than the beginning of last year.

    Scania P 280

    Scania to deliver 200 refuse trucks to Italy

    Scania has won a public tender in Milan, Italy, to supply up to 200 trucks for refuse collection. The order includes service contracts for the vehicles.