Scania launches new gas bus for bus systems
    “Scania is healthier than ever”
    Scania’s baby dragons spread their wings
    Many champions crowned, more to come
    A first for Scania in China
    Epic bus journey: three days on the road
    New Scania R 730 V8 completes the Euro 6 range
    Scania L 140 4x2 tractor with bulk semitrailer.

    Scania Remembers: The LS140

    Up until the 1970s, Scania’s powerful V8 engine had only been mounted in forward-controlled trucks. But there was market demand for more-powerful bonneted trucks, not the least among forestry transport companies.

    The new hybridised Scania Citywide LE was premiered at Persontrafik 2014.

    New hybridised Scania Citywide bus runs on biodiesel

    With the launch of the new hybrid powered Scania Citywide Low Entry bus, Scania takes another step towards offering carbon neutral transport solutions.

    Scania launches new gas bus for bus systems

    A new gas bus for city or BRT routes has been created by Scania in cooperation with Belgian bus builder Van Hool. Operated on either biogas or CNG the new bus offers a unique combination of capacity and low environmental impact.

    Scania biodiesel trucks help Coop pursue environmental goals

    Swiss supermarket chain Coop is taking delivery of more than 50 Scania biodiesel trucks as part of an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2023. The chain says the move has nothing to do with cultivating a green image and everything to with efficiency and making a difference in the world.

    Central to the festivities is a parade and a blessing of trucks by priests, with the benediction aimed at seeking safe travels for the coming year.

    Show of faith in “Scania City”

    The southern Brazilian town of São Marcos is home to so many Scania trucks that it’s often referred to as Scania City. It also plays host to a touching and colourful annual festival in which thousands of trucks from across the nation are blessed by priests.

    Scania R 730

    Scania Interim Report, January-September 2014

    Scania’s earnings for the first nine months of 2014 amounted to SEK 6,356 m. Positive currency rate effects and higher service volume were offset by a weaker market mix.