50 years of Scania in China  – unlikely deal spawns long-term commitment
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    Most of the women building buses in Narasapura are between 20 and 24 years of age, and have come to the factory straight from technical college.

    The factory built on equality

    Women today account for one in four employees at Scania’s newly opened bus production facility in Narasapura, India. Highly unusual in India, this mix of genders brings major benefits in terms of morale and productivity.

    Svempa's Red Pearl.
Photo: Stefan Almers 2008

    Small scale Svempa

    Legendary Swedish custom builder Svempa Bergendahl’s convertible Red Pearl R 999 is one of his most eye-catching creations. The 1,000 hp twin turbo V8 accelerates 0–100 km in five seconds to a top speed of 210 km/h.

    Scania-Vabis LT76 6x4 truck delivered to China in 1965.

    50 years of Scania in China – unlikely deal spawns long-term commitment

    In 1965, the Chinese Ministry of Forestry purchased 10 Scania-Vabis trucks for long-term evaluation in exceptionally tough timber haulage. The deal marks the beginning of Scania’s continuous 50-year presence in China. In traditional Scania fashion, the pioneering years were characterised by personal initiative and dedication.

    Sovetours will operate the bus, initially on a school route and later on a regular line.

    First Euro 6 gas coach tested in France

    Europe’s first Euro 6 coach for gas operations, Scania OmniExpress 320, is presently being tested in the French county of Vendée, along the Atlantic seaboard.

    Scania South Korea launches Euro 6 with a quiz

    How far can a Euro 6 Scania G 410 travel on 150 litres of diesel? That was the challenge when Scania’s Euro 6 vehicles recently were launched in South Korea. The prize for the best guess – a brand new Volkswagen Golf.

    Mats Harborn, Executive Director of Scania China’s Strategic Office.

    Opportunity knocks in China

    When Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven recently visited China, Scania’s Mats Harborn talked him through the paradigm shift that the country’s economy is currently undergoing. The Executive Director of Scania China’s Strategic Office, Harborn says the changes will bring big opportunities for many, including the automotive sector.