Scania expands its offering in Japan
    HVO part of Scania’s approach to reducing emissions
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    Scania Japan

    Scania expands its offering in Japan

    After five years selling tractor units in Japan, Scania has now expanded its offering to include rigid trucks. Rigids account for more than 80 percent of the Japanese truck market.

    The first 20 Scania buses were lined up by Jakarta’s the 132-metre Monas National Monument before being put into service along the number 1 BRT corridor.

    Scania breakthrough in Indonesian bus market

    Scania will deliver more than 100 articulated gas buses to Jakarta’s Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system. The new Scania gas buses conform to the highest Euro 6 emission standard, thereby significantly reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

    Participants in one of Transportes Cavalinho’s traffic awareness classes.

    Child’s play

    Brazilian transport company Transportes Cavalinho created a scaled down Scania truck as part of a project aimed at raising children’s awareness of traffic.

    Kaj Johansson is the son of company founder Arne Johansson and is also the person for whom the company was named.

    HVO part of Scania’s approach to reducing emissions

    Scania is opening the way for Euro 5 and selected Euro 6 trucks and buses to be operated on the renewable fuel hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). The fuel reduces CO2 output by 85 percent when used in diesel engines in place of diesel. In line with Scania’s philosophy that all alternative power sources should be […]

    Ecolution by Scania helps Michael Bærensen, owner of MB Transport, save about DKK 3,000 each month.

    The ultimate driver’s test

    The Ecolution by Scania service package guarantees customers fuel savings of 10 percent. By focusing on coaching, Scania Denmark has found that it can deliver fuel­ savings of 16 percent.

    Scania Studio: The world’s largest fire vehicle exhibition

    The market for fire and rescue vehicles is continually moving towards increasingly advanced solutions. This week, the industry is gathered in Germany for the Interschutz fair.